Welcome to Las Vegas Escorts Dakota

Hey there cutie! Looking for a good time? I’m a good ole’ girl from the south looking for some comfort in the Sin City! Feeling a little homesick? Need someone to keep you company in these hot Las Vegas Nights? Pick me! I’m a great listener and an even better lap dancer. What could be more comforting then my body grinding up against yours?

I came to Las Vegas to meet interesting people. Working as an escort in Las Vegas is the best way to do that! The best part is the way you get to know people. There is so much intimacy in how you interact with your customers. Won’t you let me get a little intimate with you? I would just love to get to know you in all kinds of new and innovative ways! Trust me. I’ve been doing this job long enough to know that boring is out and innovative is in. I want to innovate all over our date!

Let me pamper you. Let me make you feel like the big, studly man you really are. Call me today and I’ll make a king out of you.

I love an evening out for dinner, a fun club or a quiet evening naked in your room one-on-one. For you guys (and girls!) who want to find New York Escorts, and more New York escort. visit some of my special friends when you come! You can also find some excellent escorts in Orange County! or Edmonton escorts.

Call to find out more about my availability and proper donation to your hotel. I also know Escorts Miami for anyone who is traveling to Spain. They are all hot, sexy and beautiful! Having a New York bachelor party?

Just Tell Me What To Do

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for a while now. And I’m just so lonely. I keep trying to find guys who can come keep me company. But all of the hot ones are hard to find. You’re awful cute, why not call me and set up a date? I’m a sweet little southern bell who would just love to go out with a hunk like you. I would just love to say your name with my pretty lips. Mmm. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Las Vegas escorts have needs too.

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Call It The Dirty South

Well aren’t you a sweet looking boy. I”m a beauty from the south looking to make a love connection in the heart of sin city. Wouldn’t you like to go out on a date with me? Maybe get to know me a little bit better? I bet you would, you stud of a man. As a Las Vegas escort I have a pretty good eye for deserving men and you are the most deserving man I’ve seen in a while. Look at those cheekbones. And your broad shoulders. I bet you have quite the package hiding under those jeans.

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